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I teach students ages 5 and up. Parental involvement in lessons and home practice is very important for young children.

My studio is located between Roland Park and Towson in northern Baltimore.

Instrument Rentals
I highly recommend Perrin and Associates Fine Violins for instrument rentals.

Perrin & Associates Fine Violins    Baltimore, MD

Teaching Method
I believe a good teacher of children knows patience, boundaries, and friendly communication, in addition to knowing the in's and out's of the craft they are teaching. My approach is informed by nearly two decades of teaching children. Along the way, I have taken several training sessions in the Suzuki method. This approach emphasizes listening to recordings of the pieces being learned, parental involvement in the lessons, and teaching very young children. My approach is a blend of all the good ideas I have discovered. I teach note reading and scales when age-appropriate, and use a wide range of repertoire. I want kids to have fun when they are learning music, and reach their full potential by developing good habits from the beginning. I rely on my experience to determine the optimal approach for each student.

Lessons are paid in advance. Current prices are $40/$55/$70 for 30/45/60 minutes. This price is for students committed to regular weekly lessons, if during the school year. Summer lessons are also available, with flexible scheduling.

Make-Ups and Reschedules
Regular lesson attendance is crucial for good progress. Students are allowed one uncharged lesson for illness per year. For schedule conflicts, attempting to swap lessons with another student is suggested.

Student Responsibilities
Practicing is essential. If it's not done regularly then many important benefits will not be realized. Perseverance is one of the important attributes that come from music study, as well as the realization that hard work truly pays off in terms of progress and personal satisfaction.

Teacher Responsibilites
I commit to teach your child in a way that unlocks full musical potential and helps to foster growth and development of your child. This means teaching at a developmentally appropriate level for each student. I foster success by presenting skills in a sequential manner so that each step can be mastered. I take an interest in each child so I can get to know them and figure out the best ways to keep them engaged in playing music. I also present two performance opportunities each year for my students and their families, and offer some group classes.

I Teach Because I Believe That...
Music is a means to communication, expression, understanding, and beauty which has existed across all cultures and times and, as such, is an important aspect of our world.

Children gain many wonderful benefits from studying music including self-esteem, perseverance, discipline, team-work, problem-solving, motor coordination, creativity, self-expression, and a means to communicate beyond language.

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